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January 18 2015

Instrumental Music - What exactly is it?

Curren$y type beat
Music Instrumentals? What are they? What are some good examples? This post is made for people which are awakening to the vast arena of instrumentals. We're going to cover what they're plus some of my own insight on why I do believe they are so popular.

Curren$y type instrumental
Google defines instrumental music as music which is intended as preformed by a guitar or number of instruments. To be aware what it really is you must dig deeper than pure meaning, because if you ask me it really is in addition to that. It is the backbone of music because without one songs would just be pretty words. It's emotion, feeling, and lots of heart.

For those of you which can be still not used to instrumental songs or aren't completely convinced this kind of music goes deeper than just instruments honking out notes, try listening to Duke Ellington play "Take the 'A' Train". He's among the many instrumental Jazz music composers i enjoy. He had more soul in the fingertips then most do inside their whole entire bodies and the music exudes this same smoothness. Another must mention is Booker T & the M.G.'s playing "Green Onions". This purely instrumental piece could make the biggest "stick in the mud" would like to get up and dance. And this is are just some of the best music instrumentals on the market.

On the more serious note, if soft instrumental music is more your thing, try listening to Kenny G's, "Breathless". He could be one of the best instrumental solo music artists and bands to play the saxophone and he's certain to take your breath away.

I personally believe that instrumental songs are still popular after a lot of years due to the artists that elect to play this kind of music. It's like quietly telling the entire world, "I don't need vocals to go people, me and my instrument are enough." I really believe this because I have been gone to live in dance with happy instrumental music and quite often to become emotionally moved while listening to sad instrumental music. These musicians are only concerned with the music activity and the way it makes you feel. Be it instrumental piano music with an upbeat tempo, or instrumental guitar music packed with rhythm and blues, it's going to remain popular for many years.

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